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Top-To-Toe Body Care

The Best BodySpa

" .."...personalised services
that can't be beaten.
Caring therapists pamper
you with the best
European products
and techniques money
can buy."

Female Singapore


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Luxurious Spa Manicure

Spa Opening Hours
10am - 10pm

[include Public Holidays]

Spa Location
328 North Bridge Road
Raffles Hotel Arcade
Singapore 188719

Spa Hotline

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Best Spa Pedicure in Singapore


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Luxe Scrubs | Wraps with De-Ager Massage & Calming Therapy | The Hand Treats | Foot & Leg Spa | The Waxings | LuxeSpa Manicure | LuxeSpa Pedicure [ bodycare price menu ]

Spa Body Treatments in Singapore

Estheva Spa Singapore Experience the ultimate in luxury and indulgence with ESTHEVA's exclusive spa and body treatments. Offering the very best and latest in skincare science and relaxation spa therapies and treats, ESTHEVA takes pampering and beauty to a new dimension.

Body Scrub Spa Singapore

Using the finest spa ingredients that are both luxurious and nourishing to the skin, these spa scrubs give your body a beautiful and healthy glow. A truly exhilarating and therapeutic experience. These are also highly recommended must-have spa treatments for brides to look their very best on their wedding night and as part of a romantic couple spa experience.

[ 1 HR ] per session

- Chocolatier Scrub
- Collagen BodyPolish
- Luxe SeaWeed Scrub
- Ultimate Citrus SaltGlow

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|buy as gift

Spa Wraps in Singapore

The total relaxation from our spa body wraps is so deep that you may need a long nap to recover. It is a wonderful way to energise, detoxify, shape and renew your body. Each wrap is preceded with an exuberant De-Ager Massage with anti-oxidant oil. To ensure you reap the most benefits from the wraps, our therapists will help you to completely relax with our signature aromatic calming therapy with essential oils for a sense of tranquillity. It's great for busy executives or brides-to-be to destress and look great again.

[ 1 HR 30 MINUTES ] per session

- OxyAromatic Seaweed Wrap
- SeaWeed MudWrap
- Thermal GreenWrap
- Whitening BodyWrap

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Hand Spa Treats in Singapore

A luxuriating spa treat for a pair of beautiful and younger-looking hands to go with the hottest and dazzling nails in town. Imagine all the attention you will be getting from both men and ladies.

- LuxeSpa Manicure
with Grapeseed SaltScrub,
Massage & Wrap and Cuticle Care
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[ 1 HR ] per session
- price

- Hand Treatment
with "GLA ATIPICA" [suitable even for sensitive hands]

- Intensive Hand Treatment
with Mineral Mask & Collagen Ampoule

Foot & Leg Spa in Singapore

A revitalising spa treat and boost for your worn-out feet and tired legs, that will reduce any unsightly spots. Those who had tried were pleasantly surprised by the difference with just one session. And for a great finish, top up with our highly popular and pampering spa pedicure for the most beautiful nails in town.

- LuxeSpa Pedicure
with Grapeseed SaltScrub, Massage & Wrap and Cuticle Care

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[ 1 HR ] per session - price

- Foot Treatment with Anti-Wrinkle Ampoule [a delight for dry dehydrated skin]
- Foot Treatment with Elastin & Collagen
- Therapeutic Leg Treatment
consisting of
Ultimate Citrus Salt LegScrub
Aromatic LegWrap
Destressing Leg Massage

Waxings in Singapore

These body waxings are done by our highly skilled waxing spa specialists for your comfort, hygiene and excellent results, using high-quality professional wax with soothing and nourishing ingredients from France. For the most professional body waxing and expert results you deserve, from the most basic facial waxing to bikini and Brazilian waxing . - price

- Upper Lip/Chin Waxing
Eye Brow Waxing

- Face Waxing
- UnderArm Waxing
- Lower Hand Waxing
- Upper Hand Waxing

- Bikini Line Waxing
- Back Waxing
- Half Leg Waxing
- Full Leg Waxing

- Full Leg and Bikini Line Waxing
- Brazilian Waxing