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Anti-Aging Spa Treatments

Top Anti-Aging Spa Treatments

"If your body and
face needs a real
lift but you don't
want to go under
the scalpel, then
try ESTHEVA Spa's
latest revolutionary,
high-tech treatments -
CelluGie and CelluVie."

The Peak Singapore

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Spa Opening Hours
10am - 10pm

[include Public Holidays]

Spa Location
328 North Bridge Road
Raffles Hotel Arcade
Singapore 188719

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AgeLes.Peel | Choc De-Ager | Dream Honey Ritual | CelluGie for Body | CelluVie for Face | Matrix.Lift | Celebrity.Peel [ anti-aging price menu ]

Anti-aging Spa Singapore

Now you can experience the new, high-performance microdermabrasion performed by our experienced therapists with the latest technology from Europe in Singapore at ESTHEVA Spa in Raffles Hotel Arcade. Who needs surgical facial lifts or botox injections when you can enjoy luxurious peels for natural and unmatched long-term results, visible even after the first session.

The secret of these programs lies in the patented technology and techniques used.

AgeLes Peel Facials
For A Younger Looking Complexion And Skin Whatever Your Age And Skin Type

per session
- price and duration | buy as gift

When it comes to luxurious high-performance facials and best facial results, ESTHEVA has them all. The winning formula for our highly desirable and unrivalled lifting facials for women is relatively straightforward but comprehensive. First, a light professional microdermabrasion, with ESTHEVA's signature AgeLes.Peel© is expertly performed, followed by a state-of-the art transdermal delivery, DEP.Therapy to enhance the absorption of collagen, elastine and Vitamins A,C and E to impart a fresh and ageless glow. ESTHEVA is the first spa in Asia to offer this proven highly-effective unique 2-in-1 treatment.

For the best microdermabrasion results, using our AgeLes.Peel©, the skin is gently abraded to reveal lost shades of pre-teen pink, is the non-invasive, non-surgical beauty secret of the well-preserved. In the able hands of an experienced therapist, the microdermabrasion wand will pelt your cheeks with pre-sterilised corundum crystals to leave your skin softer and healthier-looking. Despite a mild stinging sensation immediately after, you can head right to a cocktail party. The top-of-the line treatment, with DEP.Therapy includes collagen, elastine and Vitamins A,C,E and a transdermal therapy “to drive these ingredients through the skin.”

The full range of AgeLes.Peel© & DEP.Therapy provided includes:

- AgeLes.Peel© for Eyes
- AgeLes.Peel© for Face
- AgeLes.Peel© for Face Whitening
- AgeLes.Peel© for Stressed & Tired Skin
- AgeLes.Peel© + Collagen DEP.Therapy
- AgeLes.Peel© + Elastin DEP.Therapy

- AgeLes.Peel© + Vit. A,C,E DEP.Therapy

Choc De-Ager Spa
A Heavenly Chocolate Drizzling Anti-Aging Treatment With Positive Mood Altering Properties

[ 2 HRS 30 MINUTES ] per session - price | buy as gift

[Spa award-winner of Hippest Day Spa Experience in the prestigious Harper's Bazaar Spa Awards 2013] - A first for a spa in Singapore, Choc De-Ager [click here for latest editorial coverage] is a truly indulging and highly exceptional anti-aging treatment for all your senses, due to the magical massage and wrap, and pure chocolate ingredients used. This is extremely popular and highly recommended as the perfect spa gift for that someone special in your life or as the ultimate Birthday Spa Gift, Christmas Spa Gift, Valentine's Day Gift or Mother's Day Gift. It is no wonder that that this treatment is prominently promoted by Singapore Tourism Board as an Uniquely Singapore Spa Experience [see spa media review ] and a must-try spa treatment in Conde Nast Traveller's List of Asia's Best City Spas for 2011 [see spa coverage]. Even Yana Gupta, a top Indian model and Bollywood actress, on her Choc De-Ager experience in ESTHEVA Spa, was obviously more than delighted when she professed "Pure indulgence! I pampered myself with a sensuous chocolate massage."

Luxurious Chocolate Spa Singapore

Chocolate contains high levels of phenolic compounds which seek out free radicals, reduce effects of aging, and protect body tissues from effects of metabolic waste. It has been established that chocolate contains 4 times the anti-oxidants of green tea. Perfectly hydrates and soothes skin with its excellent emollient properties. The cocoa essence rejuvenates and nurtures the skin as it relaxes the body, bringing back the vibrant youthfulness into your skin.

consists of 4 Unique Ultra-Pampering Steps
- Thermal Gommage Polish with Universal Lotion

- Chocolatier's Massage
- Choc Fondue Wrap
- Luxurious BodyLift Rub

Dream Honey Ritual
Wondrous Anti-Aging Ritual For A Smoother Younger Body

[ 2 HRS 30 MINUTES ] per session - price

A wondrous spa therapy with anti-aging and healing effects of honey, leaving the body nourished, smoother, softer and younger. It also improves circulation, removes trapped toxins and releases body tension with calming effect on the nervous system.

consists of 4 Wondrous Therapies
- Honey MoiScrub
- Honey Massage

- Honey Marine BodyWrap
- UltraMoisture Rub for Body

CelluGie  For The Body
For A Firm Flawlessly Beautiful Body

[ 2 HRS 15 MINUTES ] per session
- price

CelluGie delivers readily visible results for a great-looking body with glowing skin, reduced cellulite and enhanced contour especially around the hips without any cosmetic surgery.

Beginning with a luxurious Seaweed Scrub, rich nutrients gently exfoliate your skin & stimulate blood circulation.

The patented Gyra-Massage [secret of the program] will then be skillfully applied to contour your body. Oxygen and nutrients to your body increase, and toxins are ejected while active cellular exchanges work from within to the exterior. A Seaweed Wrap is then applied to further oxygenate the body. The connective tissues of the skin are revitalised, restoring elasticity. Firm and sensual curves are thus shaped.

To complete the highly effective firming and lifting, the program finishes with an Aromatic Body Rub that will leave you totally renewed with an irresistible scent.

CelluVie For The Face
For A Beautiful Younger-Looking Face

[ 1 HR 45 MINUTES ] per session
- price

Sensitive, dehydrated or wrinkled skin will benefit from this 3-step anti-aging personalized program.

CelluVie begins with thorough Cleansing, Exfoliation and Oxygenation. Using the advanced Gyra-Massage, the face is then given an invigorating three-dimensional "uptoning" massage. This accelerates the skin's cellular and fluid exchanges to promote tissue rejuvenation. The facial muscles get a unique stimulation improving blood circulation, while fluids and toxins are quickly flushed out. Eye bags, existing and emerging wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks are also reduced.

For optimum results, a Regenerating Mask completes the therapy, leaving a beautiful, firm, radiant and smooth complexion.

CelluVie For The Face
Synergistic Long-Term Rejuvenation for Skin

[ 1 HR 45 MINUTES ] per session - price

This synergistic facial treatment is great for the long-term rejuvenation of your skin. It helps to boost collagen and elastin production, stimulate cellular regeneration, oxygenate skin cells, inhibit the production of free radicals, and work deeply into your skin surface to make expression lines less noticeable.

consists of 5 Synergistic Steps
- Customised Cleanse & Exfoliation
- CEL Massage
with MatriCEL

- Firming Blu Mask
- DEP.Therapy
- Matrix Lifting

Celebrity Peel for Face
The Ultimate Non-Surgical Face Lift

[ 2 HRS ] per session - price | buy as gift

[Spa award-winner of Best Microdermabrasion in the prestigious Harper's Bazaar Spa Awards 2013] - Using cutting-edge technology and proprietary technique to treat facial problems and anti-aging, Celebrity.Peel© is a cut above the rest! [ Many Indian actresses and celebrities come to ESTHEVA Spa for the Celebrity.Peel - see Indian newspaper article. ]

Luxurious Spa Peel

Why? Because with just one treatment, your face will be transformed to glow with a new well-toned, natural and younger look, whatever the age of your skin.

This high-tech and soft-touch beautifying process starts with a light magical microdermabrasion, or a super-facial scrub using the ESTHEVA’s signature AgeLes.Peel treatment. The face is then expertly primed with a CEL (Cellular Energising Lifting) Massage, followed by the revolutionary transdermal delivery, DEP.Therapy, to enhance the absorption of your choice of serum of collagen, elastine and Vitamins A, C and E for a fresh and ageless glow! Finally, the Swiss-formulated C-Matrix, a unique hydrating collagen mask helps to moisturize, lock and prolong the instantly visible and astounding youthful toned results.

The effects are so dramatic, your friends may think you had a face-lift!

Celebrity.Peel©, professionally performed by specially trained therapists, comprises the following distinctive all-in synergistic treatments:

- AgeLes.Peel
- CEL Massage
with MatriCEL
- DEP.Therapy
- C-Matrix