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Top-To-Toe Body Care
Luxury Manicure and Pedicure in Singapore

" ...personalised services
that can't be beaten.
Caring therapists
pamper you with
the best
European products
and techniques money
can buy."

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Luxurious Spa Manicure





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Best Spa Pedicure in Singapore






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Luxury Spa Manicure
Luxury Spa Pedicure

Spa Body Treatments in Singapore

Experience the ultimate in luxury and indulgence with ESTHEVA's exclusive and best nail care treatments in Singapore. Offering the very best and latest in nailcare and relaxation spa therapies, ESTHEVA combines and takes manicure and pedicure pampering with beautiful nail results to a new dimension. And they certainly make great spa gifts to purchase as spa vouchers or certificates as well. [buy now]

Hand Spa Treats in Singapore
Estheva Spa SingaporeA luxuriating spa treat for a pair of beautiful and younger-looking hands to go with the hottest and dazzling nails in town. Imagine all the attention you will be getting from both men and ladies for some of best-looking manicured hands and beautiful nails in town. It is also the perfect bridal spa gift for any bride.

LuxeSpa Manicure

has to be the best luxury spa manicure in town with a multitude of meticulous and luxurious treatment steps all the way to make you feel like royalty. First your elbows are treated to a relaxing aromatic hot towel wrap, followed by an anti-aging Grapeseed SaltScrub for exfoliation. Then all tensions are released with a gentle hand oil massage before your Thermal MudWrap or Moisturising Mask of your choice, depending on your needs. The Cuticle Treatment is next and after which we will shape and beautify your nails before another pampering round of moisturising massage for a beautiful, younger-looking and softer pair of hands. Only then, will we polish and paint your nails with the most dazzling colours to go with. Throughout the luxuriating treat, you will wish that it will go on forever. It is certainly perfect as a bridal manicure for brides and bridesmaid, and even for the grooms, without the colours.

LuxeSpa Manicure - price | buy as gift
consists of
- Grapeseed SaltScrub & Massage
- Thermal MudWrap/Moisturising Mask
- Cuticle Care
- Polish and Nail Colours

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Foot & Leg Spa in Singapore
Estheva Spa SingaporeA revitalising spa treat and boost for your worn-out feet is part of this luxury pedicure, that will reduce any unsightly spots. Those who had tried were most pleasantly surprised by the difference with just one session. For those in the know, this is the most pampering luxury spa pedicure for the most beautiful nails in town.

LuxeSpa Pedicure

As with our luxury manicure, this personalised LuxeSpa Pedicure will indulge and beautify your feet like no other. First, a calming aromatic foot soak to destress, relax and refresh your tired feet, before an anti-aging Grapeseed SaltScrub for exfoliation and rejuvenation. Then, an invigorating foot massage will further re-energise your feet, followed by a Thermal MudWrap or Moisturising Mask, depending on your needs and preference. Next, the Cuticle Treatment and another round of well-deserved and moisturising foot massage to bring out the full benefits of the treatment for a pair of younger-looking and beautiful feet. The final touch will be the application of dazzling beautiful colours for your new and happy toes.

A truly luxury spa pedicure for a well-deserved treat. You never imagine your feet can feel so good and look this beautiful.

LuxeSpa Pedicure - price | buy as gift
consists of
- Grapeseed SaltScrub & Massage
- Thermal MudWrap/Moisturising Mask
- Cuticle Care
- Polish and Nail Colours

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