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Luxurious Spa Experience in Singapore

Top Day Spa

Voted as Top Day Spa
by readers and editors
of Singapore Tatler
in the
Best of Singapore consecutively
from 2006 to 2013.

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Orchard Road's
Most Famous Spa

... a place where life is
always a beautiful and rejuvenating experience.

- Singapore
Tourism Board

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Spa Opening Hours
10am - 10pm

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Spa Location
328 North Bridge Road
Raffles Hotel Arcade
Singapore 188719

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top luxury day spa in Singapore


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Spa Singapore Media

As one of Singapore's most famous spa, now located in the legendary Raffles Hotel in its Shopping Arcade, ESTHEVA Spa has been regularly reviewed, featured and listed with other luxury spas in prestigious local and overseas magazines, newspapers and television media as a top day spa in Singapore for ladies and couples, offering some of the best spa treatments, relaxing massages and luxury facials in town. We continue to provide our clients with the best and exotic spa experience in town with our relocation to Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade.

Here are some of them of the spa reviews, awards and media features...

Spa Media in Singapore

icon Spa Awards 2013
- ESTHEVA recently garnered a record-breaking 6 spa awards, making it the biggest award winner in the prestigious Harper's Bazaar Spa Awards 2013. It was also the only spa to win awards in all the spa award categories, namely Face, Body, Experience and Medspa. It won The Most Pampering Eye Treatment, Best Bust Care, Best Microdermabrasion, Most Innovative/ Experimental Massage, Best Detoxifying Experience and Hippest Day Spa Experience Award. (see the spa awards on ESTHEVA Spa Facebook) - Harper's Bazaar Spa Awards 2013

icon Singapore's Most Posh and Luxurious Day Spa - ESTHEVA, coveted as Singapore's most posh and luxurious day spa for ladies and couples, is now in the beautiful and famous grounds of The Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade. It is ranked by Conde Nast Traveller as one of Asia's Best City Spas. (more on spa award and on ESTHEVA Spa Facebook) - Singapore Tatler's The Best of Singapore 2013
icon Top Day Spa in Singapore - For great spa times, indulge yourself at ESTHEVA, Singapore's most posh and luxurious day spa. In addition to its unsurpassed personalised services, one can indulge in ultimate luxury by choosing from ESTHEVA's 128 signature and award-winning aesthetic and spa treatments. A fave haunt for those in the know, with its prestigious local and international clientele. It was honoured by Conde Nast Traveller as Asia's 2011 Best City Spas.(more on spa award) Singapore Tatler's The Best of Singapore 2012
icon Asia's Best City Spas - Is work taking you East in 2011? Here’s Conde Nast Traveller’s list of award-winning and ultra-urban city spas in Asia - from Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore and Bangkok to Hong Kong. So go ahead and ring in the New Year with a new you. (click here for full spa feature coverage) Conde Nast Traveller
icon Top 3 Luxury Spas in Singapore - Located by The Lawn at famous Raffles Hotel in its Shopping Arcade, ESTHEVA is charming, with its grand interior and impressive facilities. What's most interesting about this facility is its bridal spa packages, counting down to the wedding. For example, six months before the wedding, the bride will go through a eye, face and neck treatment, including a citrus salt body mask. thermal green wrap and massage. This goes on each month, until the week before the wedding, where the bride will be treated to a facial, collagen body polish, seaweed wrap, oil bath and body massage. Of course, ESTHEVA Spa also has other rejuvenating and relaxing spa packages. CNN Travel

icon Top Detoxifying Spa Treatments in Singapore - ESTHEVA gained fame as one of the pioneers to use pure chocolate as an ingredient in their treatments with great success. Its latest treatment, which is set to be another classic, would be a spa ritual specifically designed for people with highly stressful lives. Called The LuxeDetox Ritual, the two-and-a-half hour treatment is created to reduce fluid retention, eliminate toxins and even shift stubborn cellulite. Singapore Business Times Weekend

icon A Heart-felt Royal Testimonial - The courtesy and professionalism not to mention warmth of ESTHEVA blew me away. I have traveled the world and this is the best spa I have experienced yet and the prices reasonable (see full spa testimonial letter). Princess Anjhula Singh

icon Best Spas In Singapore - Singapore offers a large number of luxurious spas. Check out our listings of the best in the lion city, from a 5,000-square-feet day spa in Singapore's most glamorous fashion mall - the Estheva Spa - to the Zen-laced luxury of The Oriental Spa at the swanky The Mandarin Oriental, Singapore.

icon Set Aside Some "Me" Time - For an afternoon of pure, unadulterated indulgence, you can't beat the super posh ESTHEVA Spa. Long recognised as Singapore's most luxurious spa - indeed, it's been voted Singapore Tatler's Top Day Spa for seven years running - ESTHEVA doesn't scrimp when it comes to giving its customers the royal treatment. Among the most sought-after treatments are its Swiss Spa Facials and Choc-De-Ager treatment (it helps you beat the aging process and you're smothered in chocolate - what could be better?)
Where Singapore

icon The Best Spas in Singapore - ESTHEVA, The Grand Esthetics Spa is renowned for being Singapore's most luxurious spa experience for ladies and couples. In addition to its unsurpassed personalised services, one can indulge in the ultimate luxury by choosing from ESTHEVA's 128 exclusive aesthetic and spa treatments. The company's skincare science and relaxation therapies take beauty to new heights. Singapore Tatler's The Best of Singapore

icon Singapore's Most Luxurious Spa Experience for Ladies and Couples - Singapore has quickly become one of the regions favourite Spa Destinations and easily rivals the world's best. The ESTHEVA Spa offers relaxing and rejuvenating experiences that are simply unforgettable. Best of Singapore Vol. 2

icon Top Luxury Spa In Singapore - ESTHEVA is proud to be prominently featured as a top luxury spa in Singapore for tourists in an exclusive 4-page editorial spread on top spas in Spa Life, Korea's leading spa and wellness magazine. (click here for full spa feature coverage) Spa Life Korea

icon Luxe Spa In Singapore - ESTHEVA is honoured to be featured and promoted by Singapore Tourism Board as a Top Luxury Day Spa to Indian tourists and celebrities, visiting Singapore. ESTHEVA was given extensive coverage in the prestigious Asia Spa magazine (featuring world-class spas in India), Indian national newspapers and television stations. (click here for some spa feature coverage) Asia Spa India

icon High Life Escapes - "It is easy to understand why ESTHEVA Spa has a cult following among the high society. It is definitely the ultimate spa treatment money can buy." (click here for full article) The Aspirant Singapore

icon The Finer Side of Life - "ESTHEVA is famous for the quality Swiss spa facials and its very own Choc De-Ager body treatment that has satisfied many. Every lady is made to feel extra special, fussed over by the team of experienced, certified therapists." (click here for full article) Exquisite Singapore

icon ESTHEVA Spa, Singapore : The Finer Side of Life - "The next time you feel a need to pamper yourself, book a date with Estheva Spa in Singapore. The 13-year old spa has garnered a reputation all around the world. From being named ‘the best spa’ to being known as the chosen retreat for the famous and wealthy all over, Estheva will not fail to live up to its accolades. Your search on spas for your ultimate luxury may just end here, on the third floor of Palais Renaissance. (click here for spa article) streetdirectory.com

icon The Best Beauty Money Can Buy - "Pamper yourself with Jacqueline Tan's picks from the creme de la creme of Singapore's beauty Treatments... Spa Sonata..." (click here for full article) Female Singapore

icon Best Spas & Beauty in Singapore - "Whether you are a busy executive or a beauty queen, we all need a little care and attention sometimes, and the spa or beauty clinic is the perfect way to pamper yourself. Along busy Orchard Road, ESTHEVA Spa at chic Palais Renaissance is a top-notch day spa, where treatments such as the Sparomatic Detox (hydrotherapy, a luxurious body rub and scrub included), as well as wraps cost nothing less than a few hundreds." Best of Singapore

icon Your Ultimate Spa Fantasy - "Your ultimate fantasy may include a visit to a top spa, where you can fully luxuriate in full-blown sensuous pampering and the timeless elegance of your surroundings. The ESTHEVA, located at the swank Palais Renaissance, in Singapore's famous Orchard Road is the place to truly make you feel special. The ladies-only spa has been known to offer the most luxurious spa treatments in town and is regarded as the favorite haunt of "tai-tai", or socialites. ESTHEVA's patrons come from all over the world, with many bookings made as thoughtful gifts for friends or loved ones. 'For lady travellers, we want to provide them an oasis of tranquility and indulgence to relieve the stress of air travel' says ESTHEVA's spokeswoman. Hollywood celebrities are known to drop by for a few hours of extraordinary spa pampering. With more than 28 body treatments and 18 luxurious facials to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice, and spoilt for words!" Visitor's Guide to Singapore

icon Spa-rty Like A Diva in Singapore - "Round up your girlfriends and rediscover the magic and beauty of Christmas as ESTHEVA Spa heralds this Yuletide season with its first ever 'Spa FESTIVA'. The 'Season Spa-rites' offers a refreshing alternative to the old-fashion Christmas parties, transforming our 'holy nights' into holistic hours of spa luxury, pure indulgence and bliss. Just simply turn up at the spa and leave your body and well being in the hands of ESTHEVA spa professionals as they handle your consultations, treatments and even the hors d'oeuvres and organic juices." SpaAsia

icon Sparomatic Detox Package - "This detox package is the answer to detoxifying and rejuvenating your body, inside out. It includes the Seaweed BodyPolish and Purifying HydroTherapy to exfoliate and hydrate the skin, followed by the Aromatic BodyWrap and Detoxifying BodyRub to ease your aches and pains. Verdict. After the blissful pampering, the therapist wiped down my body with a white cotton glove. The glove turned light brown with the toxins that were removed from my body."
Female Singapore

icon Spa Selection - "... CelluGie and CelluVie treatments to give your face super-extra lift and take years off your body, as well as being the tai tai's dream weapon against premature aging, cellulite, wrinkles, stretch marks and scars. The 18-room wet/dry spa prides itself on ambience, cleanliness, highly trained staff and attention to detail. The facials are very popular but the top of the range is the spa's stress buster: a 2-hour Sparomatic Detox Package ($282). The result is a squeaky clean body that continues to detoxify for a couple of days after the treatment." Expat Singapore

icon Collagen Boost - "Need an instant skin fix? Book an ultra-pampering C-Matrix Treatment at the ESTHEVA Spa. An energising facial massage primes skin for the bio-collagen mask, with moisturises and reduces the visible signs of ageing." Woman Weekly

icon C-Matrix Treatment - "After a single treatment of the C-Matrix Mask from ESTHEVA Spa in its purest form, my skin was visibly radiant and smoother, especially under the eyes. The massage was very stimulating, and my skin felt more toned and moisturised. The glow lasted even the till the next day!" Her World

iconWomen In Golf - This Facial Is The One - "Do frown lines, acne scars and crow's feet make you look older? Keen to fight your age but doubt the safety and effectiveness of Botox or Collagen injections? Don't worry. ESTHEVA Spa introduces its patented bio-collagen treatment, the C-Matrix Mask, created directly from native collagen fibres. Upon application, the C-Matrix Mask generates DNA synthesis and high rates of protein, smoothing the areas around the eye, neck and face. To try this treatment against age, call 6733 9300 for appointments and enquiry." Singapore Golf

icon Girls Night Out - "Singapore's ESTHEVA has redefined a ladies night out with tempting evening spa packages. Night sessions last two-and-a-half hours, each with four series of stimulating treatments. Choose from aromatic nights, nights in satin, sleep tight baby and holistic nights. Sweet dreams." AsiaSpa

icon Singapore's Most Exclusive and Beautiful Spa - "With its warm, earthy hues and soft lighting reminiscent of the Tuscan countryside, the Grand Esthetics ESTHEVA Spa is a totally indulgent experience. Privacy, pampering and beautifying is what this ladies-only spa does best. Here, the latest beauty treatments from Europe are introduced every few months. The most recent are the CelluGie and CelluVie programmes. Designed to give the body and face extra lift, texture and tonicity, the treatments feature a patented massage along with the application of high performance masks, creams and oils." Winning Post

icon Top Ladies' Spa in Singapore - "... from the rush hour traffic along Singapore's busiest road (Orchard Road), it's a treat indeed to step into the hallowed sanctuary that's ESTHEVA." Spa Asia
icon Face Forward - "ESTHEVA Spa's latest signature CelluVie takes the standard facial to a whole new level. Executed by estherapists, who are professionally trained in the use of the patented Gyra-Massage-Technique (GMT), it involves a 3-step programme aimed not only at reviving the skin but also anti-ageing." Singapore Tatler

icon Get A Lift - "If your face needs a real lift but you don't want to go under the scalpel, then try ESTHEVA Spa's latest revolutionary, high-tech treatments. The CelluGie for Body and CelluVie for Face Programmes ... " The Peak

icon Firm and Lift - "If you are fighting cellulite, premature aging and even stretch-marks and scars but do not want to think about surgery, then ESTHEVA Spa has the answer. This luxurious and tranquil spa haven known for its beauty and wellness programmes has now come up with the unique CelluGie (CLG) body and CelluVie (CLV) face treatments..." Singapore Tatler

icon ESTHEVA Euphoria - "Two hours is all you need to pamper yourself pretty. Experience the revolutionary CelluGie (CLG) and CelluVie (CLV) programs at the prestigious ESTHEVA Spa and feel how modern Swiss technology works to restore your tired body." Wine & Dine

icon Spa Pampering - "A definite no-holds-barred pampering stop for the woman who has everything she needs. A place where life is always a beautiful experience. This where the wives of Singapore's "Who's Who" gather and exchange news over relaxing massages and refreshing facials." Flirt

icon Spa Nights - "The girls' night out has been redefined with the advent of ESTHEVA Spa's special packages which promise an evening of pure indulgence, a chance to soothe away stress and rejuvenated tired bodies. With names like 'Sleep Tight Baby', 'Nights in Satin' and 'Holistic Nights', the packages involve different treatment combinations ... guaranteed to become a favourite alternative to the traditional hens' night out." Singapore Tatler

icon Massage of Life - "The Aviva Massage is sheer heavenly bliss for 90 minutes. Exclusive to ESTHEVA Spa, it helps to drain pockets of water retention and trapped toxins, while stimulating your circulation and boosting your body's ability to eliminate wastes..." Cleo Singapore

icon Spa Parties - "If you are the sociable type, and don't relish doing things alone, ESTHEVA Spa can arrange a spa party for you and your gal pals. Their organic spa refreshments, customised spa treatments and personalised butler services will definitely give your power lunches and afternoon tea soirees a different dimension. Highly recommended by those in the know, is their signature Aviva Massage, which incorporates detoxifying, using a special blend of herbal oil, with a soothing but invigorating massage." Tourism Asia

icon A Top Detox Haunt - "The Sparomatic Detox Package includes an anti-stress seaweed body polish; purifying hydrotherapy; aromatic body wrap with calming therapy using 17 different essential oils; and a detoxifying body rub to improve blood circulation and activates lymphatic drainage. By the time I was done with the last treatment, I was floating. I never felt more rested." Female Singapore
iconA Top Tai-Tai Haunt - "Tais-tais go the extra mile, coveting exclusive spa treatments of the ultimate buff face. How about the a workout for the face - the Face Gym Massage. Though a "workout" once every 3 weeks is recommended, one tai-tai is so addicted, she has her facial fix once a week!" Her World Singapore

icon The Most Luxurious Spa Treatment in Town - "Singapore's Elite find all the amenities for their lifestyle in Singapore Tatler ... The best parties. The newest fashions. The grandest balls. And NOW, the Most Luxurious Spa Treatments and Packages in Town at ESTHEVA Spa..." Singapore Tatler

icon Impressive Range of Spa Treatments - "These include 28 body treatments and 18 exclusive, luxurious facials. One of the latest treatments is the Ultimate Eye Face Chest Treatment with Marine DNA and Vitamins A, C & E. Another is the Face Gym Massage." Prestige

icon True Confessions - 3 Women Reveal Their Favourite Spa - "I like the new ESTHEVA Spa at Palais Renaissance because of its luxurious ambience and treatments; I really feel pampered. Charlotte Aw, 43, Retail Director" Her World Singapore

iconOne-Day Spa Getaway at ESTHEVA - "What better way to spend some time with your girl-friends that a fun spa party? You'll get a private area, a personalised "butler" service, spa-style refreshments and a complete spa package each ..." Singapore Women's Weekly

icon Spa War. Spas in Singapore are growing in numbers and getting more exotic by the minute - "ESTHEVA Spa, Palais Renaissance in Orchard Road. This is the spa's second outlet and smacks of luxury - refined and elegant with cozy private rooms. There are 18 facials and 28 body treatments to choose from, including wraps, scrubs, facials and massages. It also has a relaxation room with organic refreshments, soothing music, lighting and magazines." Her World

icon Mud Sparring - The Things Tais Tais Do - "A spa is perhaps the only place on earth where tais tais willingly subject themselves to mud. In the name of beauty, they are also game to let their bodies be pounded by water, scrubbed by salt, kneaded by muscled masseuses, slapped silly by seaweed and knocked senseless by steam. It's the ultimate luxury at the latest tai-tai heaven in town, ESTHEVA Spa at Palais Renaissance in famous Orchard Road." Straits Times Singapore

icon Test Drive by Beauty Editor - "The posh interiors spell luxury. I like the spaciousness in each room and the natural light that streams through the tiny glass windows. Best known for its extensive packages that include detoxifying body scrubs, seaweed wraps, hydrotherapy, and face-to-neck facials" Female Singapore

icon Sparring Partners - "For personalised spa services that can't be beaten, check this exotic spa out. Caring and well-trained therapists pamper you with the best European products and techniques that money can buy..." Female Singapore

icon Giving Face Time - "Definitely good value for money, this facial [C-Matrix Facial] is more than just pampering. The massage and the C-Matrix collagen mask make it a winner." (click here for full article) Beauty BlackBook