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Luxurious Spa Party in Singapore

Power Spa Parties

ESTHEVA's Spa Party
... definitely give
your power lunches
and afternoon
tea soirees a

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Spa Parties in Singapore

Icon ESTHEVA was the first spa to introduce the Spa Party experience in Singapore. A great idea for an exotic and special get together with friends and loved ones for that Birthday Celebration, Hen and Bridal Spa Party. Or for that high-powered all ladies corporate getaway. A truly beautiful and must-try spa experience with our new romantic location at the legendary Raffles Hotel in its Shopping Arcade, facing The Lawn. You can now grab a Singapore Sling right after your spa party.

[Click to read more on our exclusive spa parties, as featured in Exquisite Magazine ]

We are indeed honoured to be the only Singapore spa to be listed by Condé Nast Traveller in Asia's Best City Spas to visit in 2011.

Spa Party Package in Singapore

LUXESPA PARTY for Ladies price

[ 3 HRS ] - maximum of 6 ladies
for each guest
- Welcome Calming Therapy

- Aromatic Face Refresh
- Luxurious Full BodySmooth
- Aromatic HydroTherapy
- Classic Citrus Body Massage
- Aromatic BodyWrap

A luxury spa party for discerning ladies, for an almost top-to-toe pampering and holistic rejuvenation. A great way to look refreshingly beautiful, get bodily renewed and be blissfully relaxed, all at the same time. It's a party of pure indulgence.

CHOCOLAT SPA PARTY for Ladies price
[ 2 HRS 30 MINUTES ] - maximum of 6
for each guest
- Thermal Gommage Polsih with Universal Oil
- Chocolatier's Massage

- Choc Fondue Wrap
- Luxurious BodyLife Rub

An exquisitely fun and yet ant-aging indulgence with positive mood altering properties to revel in. Furthermore, it perfectly hydrates, rejuvenates and nurtures the body for a truly aromatic and euphoric party to remember. And for chocolate lovers, it is a party that is heaven-sent.

HONEY SPA PARTY for Ladies price
[ 2 HRS 30 MINUTES ] - maximum of 6
for each guest

- Honey MoiScrubl
- Honey Massage

- Honey Marine BodyWrap
- UltraMoisture Rub for Body

A wondrous spa party with anti-aging and healing effects of honey, leaving the body nourished, smoother, softer and younger. It also improves circulation, removes trapped toxins and releases body tension with calming effect. Just perfect for magical and sweet memories with your friends and loved ones.

[ Duration depending on choice of treatments ] - maximum of 6 ladies

Starting with a minimum of $250 per guest, you can choose your favourite spa packages or a la carte treatments from our Spa Menu for your Personalised Spa Party. It's your Party, so feel free to select any spa treatments or packages best suited to the needs or preference of your guests. You can also creatively mix a Chocolate with Honey-based Spa Package for a Choc-Honey Spa Party, which is highly popular with many of our customers.

Don't know what to choose. Don't worry. Feel free to consult us if you need any advice or recommendation as to the selection of spa treatments for your Spa Party. It's our pleasure to help you organise a memorable one. [ email to book@estheva.com or call 6338-3318 ]

Spa Parties Privileges
• A private area for the spa party
• Exclusive
spa treatments can be customised for your spa party
• Exquisite and organic spa refreshments
• Personal beauty and spa consultation
• Personalised "butler" service with spa therapists in attendance
• Use of Retreat Space

Email to book@estheva.com should you like us to customise the spa treatments for your party. Or call us 6338-3318.

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